Edgar Pogosov Live Studio support

Dear subscribers, viewers and guests of the “Edgar Pogosov Live Studio” project! Thank you for your attention and interest in the project “Edgar Pogosov Live Studio”!
You can make a feasible and symbolic contribution and support the development of the “Edgar Pogosov Live Studio” project. To do this, please follow this link:


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The project is constantly evolving, but organizing and conducting full and high-quality broadcasts requires significant financial costs and investments.
It is necessary to purchase professional and expensive television, video, audio, lighting, computer, network equipment, the presence of a permanent specialized room (studio), fast Internet, with enough bandwidth and much more. There is a lot of serious work to do before the audience ultimately enjoys watching high-quality and interesting content live.
For my part, I do my best to ensure that the project "Edgar Pogosov Live Studio" develops as quickly as possible, but any creative projects need support. And, if this support comes from my viewers and listeners, then I’m moving in the right direction! The realization that the creativity that I do and share with you brings joy not only to me, but also to the people around me inspires new exploits and achievements!